Karuizawa Prince Hotel West Japanese Restaurant ”Karamatsu“

Design concept:

“A space that connects the present with Karuizawa’s memory and grace”In relocating and renovating the former traditional Japanese restaurant, “Karamatsu” at West Karuizawa Prince Hotel, to a site away from the current hotel where the restaurant originally stood, we created a spatial design based on the theme of reviving such fond memory, scenery, and blessings provided by the unique settings of Karuizawa .The “Kamado” style dining which was incorporated into the new design for the restaurant offers an experience in enjoying the richness of Japanese food and culture as well as its graceful past particular to its site setting, paying homage to the vibrant ambience of the wonderful “beam space” of the kitchen typical yet unique to Kiso Kaido Karuizawa-juku, a type of dwelling / accommodation known for the region.

Photo:Forward Stroke Inc.