Trust Garden Ogikubo 2019/08 Open

Ogikubo, historically was known for the lush green environment and its (golden) field of Amur Silvergrass native to the area of what was known as Musashino during Taisho to the early Showa period. Nowadays, included within the east of Metropolitan Tokyo, the area has a good mix of residential, civic and educational facilities. Catering for more well-cultured and high-society due to the historical background of being a “Second Home” for many of the former cultural and political figures as well as artists alike. It is thought to share the same traits and vestiges similar to Kamakura in the west known for its villas (or “Bessho” in Japanese) from the golden age of Showa period.

Our architectural proposition pays homage to this rather mature and quiet context suited for silver living. It is designed to be a reticent building with a landmark presence in scale amidst its residential neighborhood surrounded in greenery. Its architectural design comprises of gold extended eaves, and textured overlapping tiles on the exterior which is reticent of the simplicity in form and tonalities of the traditional Japanese villa, “Bessho”. The overall design is based on bespoke modern interpretation of the concept of “Master Craftsman” as formerly the villas were also custom-made in creation for their purposes.

The interior design follows this principal of “quiet elegance” in essence. Such an approach is reflected in the humble gate yet warm welcoming entrance to the facility which leads to the atrium lounge facing the inner garden. The inner garden is there to remind of the original scenery of Musashino with lush greenery providing shades in the summer. Series of characteristic louvres open up to this garden space which can be visible from the entrance reception. The Lounge itself has a cozy fireplace, bookshelves, and original artworks are spread throughout the facility including the hall area to remind us of the unique context of its origins and place called “Ogikubo” in past and future to come.