Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Concierge Lounge

New Executive Lounge, “Concierge Lounge” opened on April 19, 2019 occupying the 15th floor of the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel located just above JR Nagoya Station.

The challenge for this renovation project hinged on how to convert a 12m high interior space to be a comfortable environment, at the same time making use of such high-ceiling void with a fresh new approach.

The interior concept is based on “Maison de Serre -a luxury residence with a conservatory”.
The 320m2 large lounge has been divided into five theme areas, creating a variety of cozy spaces.

“Welcome Living” creates as a chic check-in area, with a restful living room. In the center of the lounge, “Jewelry Buffet & Live Kitchen” creates a buffet corner based on an image of a jewelry showcase.

“Conservatory Dining” area is envisaged as a greenhouse with natural day-light from large windows with lush indoor greenery, while stepping up to the “Wood Terrace” is like a semi-outdoor living space where a large wooden table made from a single piece of timber is placed to further emphasize the sense of being outdoor and open. While a bookcase and fireplace in one corner of the “Wood Terrace” offers a relaxing space, each niche is seamlessly woven together to create an impressive large space evoking a sense of luxury.

In overall, a dynamic and elegantly designed lounge is borne out of the combination of warm, light and green spaces with sparkling displays in a chic, restful interior.