1. KKS Philosophy Triple Win
1. KKS Philosophy Triple Win

The unchanging philosophy of KKS for the past fifty years and for the next fifty years to come is that of “Triple Win.”
“Triple Win” means that the seller wins, the buyer wins, and society wins.
KKS founder, Yozo Shibata, pronounced “Client Interest First” as the company’s philosophy and always took care that “Architect Interest First” did not happen. “Hotels are commercial buildings and must please their guests above all else.
If a hotel thrives, it is good for the hotel and the region in which the hotel is located also benefits. If everyone is satisfied in this way, KKS will gain a good reputation and will also continue to thrive.” This is the philosophy of “Triple Win.”
As we celebrate KKS’s 50th anniversary, we stipulate our company philosophy as 3C:

  1. Client interest first (Buyer wins)
  2. Consumer satisfaction (Society wins)
  3. Best Creator (Seller wins)

2. KKS Code of conduct Constancy and Change
2. KKS 行動規範 不易流行

These famous words of Matsuo Basho are the guiding principle of KKS.
“Constancy and change” refers to the idea of embracing what is newly changing without forgetting that which is the eternally unchanging essence. Also, the nature of continual novelty-seeking change itself is the essence of constancy.
Something that must always be kept in mind during hotel design is the creation of buildings that combine an aesthetic sense with an economic rationality that makes good business sense. This can be called the “constancy” that is the unchanging basic attitude in design.
On the other hand, times change quickly and the values people seek change enormously. KKS intends to respond to the demands of the current times by proposing facility contents that incorporate “new value” in daily life, making use of the expertise we have cultivated in services, not only for hotels, but also for senior living, serviced apartments, residences, sports facilities, offices, and cruise ships. “New value” will create new business by changing the framework that has been in place up to now. Constantly acquiring freshness by repeatedly adding new value is the manner of “change”. Kanko Kikaku Sekkeisha means constantly incorporating new plans into the design of tourism?related facilities.

3. KKS Areas of Activity Thrive in Asia
3. KKS Areas of Activity Thrive in Asia

The 21st century is being called the “Age of Asia.”
Since KKS began business in Asia in 1966, it has targeted the whole of Asia as its area of operation.
KKS has handled many projects starting in Indonesia, followed by Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam,Myanmar, and currently China. KKS also plans to work in India and other Asian countries in the near future. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that more and more people from wealthy Asian countries are becoming able to visit Japan. Japan has world-class scenery blessed by the four seasons, culture?as one of the seven great civilizations of the world?good air, delicious food, and great hospitality. Using the experience of hotel design in Asia cultivated by KKS up to now, the company will plan and design spaces in which people of Japan and the world can live in comfort. Hereafter, as the awareness of domestic/foreign continues to fade, we will thrive with the whole of Asia as our homeland.