Shangri-la Hotel Yangzhou has been soft-opened on 17th December 2012.

Yangzhou Shangri-La Hotel reflect Yangzhou’s historical style for the traffic line with 8 sequences. The Guest could journey to the Hotel via Yangzhou Pavilion along a river, cross a bridge, by Yangzhou Style screen and the scenery of the landscape. At the Main entrance, Yangzhou style canopy greet and feel the Guest Yangzhou’s history here, too. The lobby is Two-story open ceiling space, and Yangzhou style screen and landscape at the back of lounge shall greet the Guest. Furthermore, the Guest could enjoy Yangzhou style breakfast at the private dining room of Chinese restaurant where has Yangzhou style pavilion at the garden and make historical space with.

The five constitutions is important key of this Hotel, and each constitution has traditional Yangzhou’s architectural taste (Ex.Roof tile, flower, window, transparency screen, etc.). It gives human scale space, informally formal and great harmony with Yangzhou style landscape.