Karuizawa Prince Hotel West

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West Restaurant, Banquet Lobby pre-opening on July 23, 2020.


Design concept

The core area at Prince Grand Resort Karuizawa, also known as the West Area, has stood the test of time, now with the rebuilding of the old restaurant, and the establishment of a new banquet lobby to cater for the more recent demand as MICE facilities in expanding on the grand concept of “Nature Link- to be one with and to connect to Nature”, giving a new identity as an all-season resort. In addition, by reusing the large chestnut tree that once stood prominently on site, as art pieces scattered amongst the various new space provided by the expansion, remind the guests of the memory that spanned 100 years with the tree being the sole witness to the evolution of the resort and a talisman into future.



Asama stone and larch are both indigenous to Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture and are endorsed as the main materials that connect the various terraces proposed along with the interior space to reinforce the main concept of being one with the nature and the seamless boundary between interior and exterior which is unique to the spatial quality of Karuizawa.




ALL DAY DINING LOUNGE / BAR, “Primrose”, epitomizes “Karuizawa’s four seasons” in subtleties using different colours and tying the sub-themes from expressing Spring, Summer to Autumn and Winter in unity under one large roof.  The partitions of re-assembled timber and colored stained glass gently divide the rather large space into cozy yet comfortable niches, giving them a human-scale where you can feel nature in each area.

On the other hand, the large Aji (natural) stone used for the show kitchen at the Chinese restaurant and the imported art pieces of Chinese embroidery of flowers at “Momo Lee” embodies the sub-theme of “The plateau of Karuizawa”, expressing both the strength of the earth, at the same time the petiteness of the wild flower that blooms for guests to remember the charms of Kuruizawa as a destination to be in.