Hotel Indigo Inuyama Urakuen Garden

The planned site is adjacent to Urakuen, a historical Japanese tea-ceremony garden on the south with a view of the national treasure, Inuyama Castle in the west and a local river called Kiso running along the north, with various tourist attractions in vicinity including traditional activities such as cormorant fishing.

The “Indigo” brand aims to create facilities that reflect its history, culture, and natural environment unique to the location, culminated as a “neighborhood story” which forms the basis for the concept for each hotel.

The proposed masterplan for the hotel in this case of Indigo Inuyama , achieved this goal by firstly reinforcing the existing view axis of the Inuyama castle as the main feature upon entering the lobby complimented by the vast yet shallow reflection pool which mirrors the surrounding nature.
This is in sharp contrast to the rather humble approach from the entry road running along Kiso river, which is bamboo lined around at the porte cochère, more surreal in atmosphere anticipating the dramatic impact upon entering the main lobby. The lobby design strikes a resonance with the surrounding landscape in scale and decoration with design motifs that are representative of the local Inuyama Festival whereas the interior of the guestrooms are more subtle in approach with hints borrowed from the tea ceremony pavilion at Urakuen garden in tone and graphics with details inherited to express local craftwork such as the Ukai basket unique to the local fishing method at Kiso River. The result is a harmonious balance between the new and the old or the more familiar both contributing to the authenticity of this unique site.


Photo:Forward Stroke Inc.