Singapore Good Design Award 2022 "The Clan Hotel" won the Gold Prize

The Clan Hotel, for which we involved in the interior design, won the Gold Prize in the Singapore Good Design Award 2022.

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■The Clan Hotel
“Design Concept”
The hotel’s interiors were designed using dense-looking materials like dark-toned, solid timber, metal and stones to capture the essence of the interiors of old Chinese shophouses. Upon stepping into the entrance, the dim and sombre ambience immediately creates a sense of elegant mystery. Dark colours are used throughout the public spaces up to the corridors outside the guestrooms. In contrast, a warm, neutral-coloured scheme was used for the guestrooms.
The Clan Hotel was built to reflect the success stories of humble immigrants and their strong bond that lasted through the generations, from past to present. Their visions and hopes represent the door to the future, which is where our modern design feature come in. Our interior concept blends urban aesthetics with Chinese cultural elements to celebrate history and nostalgia in an atmospheric, modern oasis.

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■About Singapore Good Design Award
Since 2012, GOOD DESIGN in Japan has been cooperating with the Singapore Design Council (DSG), an organization of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Singapore government, to establish a national design award based on Singapore’s design policy. In March 2014, the first ” Singapore Good Design Mark” (SG Mark) was held in March 2014, and experts from Japan participated in the judging. Through the Good Design Award, we also provide opportunities to enter Singapore, one of Asia’s economic hubs.

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