"Hyatt Regency Shanghai Songjiang" won the Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Project in 2023

Hyatt Regency Shanghai Songjiang, for which we provided the architectural design (schematic design and design development), received the Bronze Award in the Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Project in 2023.

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■Hyatt Regency Shanghai Songjiang
Songjiang is surrounded by Huangpu River, which flows from Dianshan Lake, one of the water villages in Jiangnan, and is home to countless historical waterways.

The site is located as a horseshoe-shaped district in a new development area, which is expected to become the new core for Songjiang area. The horseshoe-shaped green park and the lake park with its widened waterways are located in close proximity to Guangfu Lin Road, being developed in unison with this project to create a wonderful environment.

“Overall layout plan”
The new Hyatt Regency Hotel facing the lake park on the south side and the shopping mall aligned along Guangfu Lin Road on north, comprises shopping and hotel banquet halls on the west side, with the office tower located on the east side.

The image of the building is based on a sailing ship passing through the waterway.

The tower facade is made of glass curtain walls to blend in with the shimmering surface of water on the lake, and the side elevations made of vertical metal ribs resemble a waterfall from the sky.

The hotel’s lobby lounge, restaurant, banquet facilities, guest rooms, swimming pool, gym, and other public facilities are located close to the water’s edgeand offer spectacular views of the lake and the green horseshoe park.
The hotel will be used by visitorsas a luxury waterfront destinationin the new development zone, with its prestigious architecture and landscape designed in an integrated manner.

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Photo:Hefei Ange Photography Design Co., Ltd. (Photo provided by Guoshi Group ), KKS