『Miyako Hotel, Marriott Osaka』 has been completed.

Hotel Marriott Osaka is now open in Abeno, Osaka, Japan due to be fully completed by March 7th, 2014.

Abeno is located in the center of Osaka, convenient for those who come for business as well as for sightseeing because of its easy access from Kansai international airport and being near Kyoto and Nara which are also popular travel destinations.


Being known as the birthplace of Japanese continental culture, it was famous as a locus in part of Silk Road for many students, scholars and official diplomatic delegates alike during the Sui dynasty who used to travel over from China to marvel at Shitennoji, a world memorable temple, founded by then the Japanese emperor, Shotoku-Taishi.


Considering these notable facts, we tried to make the whole design suitable for the context of Abeno, known as a place where people had interacted and exchanged many ideas from all sorts of cultures for a long period of time. Thus its nature and own history is applied both in the interior and the exterior of the hotel with designs reminiscent of its landscape along the Japan’s railway line in western area and the Japanese traditional patterns which remind us of ISEGATA=SHI used for Kimono for a long time in Ise area.


Here, in Miyako Hotel, such beauty of natural essence is embraced in all aspects of fashion and attraction deeply in-rooted in the original concept for its guest rooms.