XIV Yugawara Rikyu has been selected as "100 Best People in the World".

XIV Yugawara Rikyu has been selected as “100 Best People in the World”.


Established in London in 1978, providing various services related to interior design, the company hosts the “Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award”, equivalent in prestige as the “Oscar for Interior Design”, which awards the world’s top interior designers once a year.



Collections of Works by KKS Group has been published.

“KKS Leading Hotel Design” has been published by KINDAIKENCHIKU-SHA CO.,LTD.

The theme of this book is “Successful Hotels and Resorts”, it focuses on the recent luxury hotels in Japan and Asian countries designed by KKS Group.


It is crucial to have better strategies for Japan to attract more luxury consumers as a major tourist destination. Although Japan has everything which is necessary for popular tourist destinations such as favorable climate, weather, tradition and food, the lack of hotels for luxury customers has been pointed out as one of the main reasons being less attractive to foreign wealthy consumers in Japan. It is our pleasure if this book is helpful as a reference on reflecting these issues.




Japan's Largest Exhibition for Hospitality, Food Service and Cateling Industries!

Japan’s Largest Exhibition for Hospitality, Food Service and Cateling Industries!



On 17th to 20 Feb., as a member of Japan Tourism Facilities Association (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation), KKS participated at the 「Hotel Restaurant Show 2015」. We are proud to announce that as a result, our presentation as titled "path towards timber-friendly Environment" will be exhibited at the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 Sendai Japan” due to popular demand.

The topic of the exhibition was mainly on the use and reuse of our natural resources, namely timber as a building material which our presentation focused on. As a leading designer of hospitality, we have a vested interest in the innovative and creative use of timber both architecturally and in interior design, thus we presented our intentions in assessing the current trends as well reflecting on its future potential use. This we feel is inherent considering the historical use of timber as integral element to our culture and geographical advantage of Japan as a soil rich country for the cultivation of forests.
Whilst our presentation was titled as “a path towards wood-friendly environment”
and explained both its design aesthetic and impetus towards its effective use based on our experience, working with various specialists in collaboration. We outlined the challenges of timber both in the form of its use and reuse in our constructed environment and practice (as wood is termed as timber once processed as a type of building material). By making use of the Japanese term for the word “bichiku” which refers to both “beauty” as well as “Provision” at the same time, we combined these two words, and exhibited our ambition as literally a “Wooden Road”.



Office Removal Notice

We are pleased to announce that KKS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. and KKS DALIAN Office have recently moved to their new offices below.

New Office Address: Unit 1504, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel No: (852) 2573-0820
FaxNo: (852) 2573-1028

New Office Address: Room 2702-B World Trade Center,No.25 Tongxing Street,Zhongshan District,Dalian,China
Tel No: 0411-82529896
FaxNo: 0411-82520397

Please update your record.



Shangri-La Hotel Qufu, built in Qufu, Shandong, China, was awarded an Architecture & Interior Design Award for luxury scale of Hospitality Design Award 2014 by the U.S. magazine, Hospitality Design.

Qufu, located on south Jinan which is the capital city of Shandong, is the most known as Confucius’s birthplace, as well as the place Confucianism was originated from.

This is a 5-star hotel having 480 guest rooms and a large banqueting hall with 1,600m2 with its location in the center of the city.

Notably, many historical structures built around the city, such as The Temple of Confucius and Kong Family Mansion, are in perfect harmony with other buildings in its surrounding area, making the whole scenery of the city significantly unified with Chinese traditional designs.

Thus, this hotel was also considered to be harmonized with those structures around the city. It was, therefore, necessary to adjust this huge building to the smaller scale of the townscape. Also, we made great efforts to concern not simply imitating the designs of traditional architectures but having the quality of 5-star hotels remained and traditional essence assimilated into the modern designs, which will truly captivate all who visit.



Shangri-La Hotel Qufu

Location: Qufu, China

Site space:  50,493㎡

Total floor space: 80,139㎡

Stories: 17 stories above the ground with 2 below

Guest rooms: 480 rooms

Major use: Hotel, The Research Institute of Confucius


Architectural design: KANKO KIKAKU SEKKEISHA

The local firm: 青島騰遠設計事務所有限公司

Interior Design: AB concept (Hong Kong)

Hotel Operator: Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts




『Miyako Hotel, Marriott Osaka』 has been completed.

Hotel Marriott Osaka is now open in Abeno, Osaka, Japan due to be fully completed by March 7th, 2014.

Abeno is located in the center of Osaka, convenient for those who come for business as well as for sightseeing because of its easy access from Kansai international airport and being near Kyoto and Nara which are also popular travel destinations.


Being known as the birthplace of Japanese continental culture, it was famous as a locus in part of Silk Road for many students, scholars and official diplomatic delegates alike during the Sui dynasty who used to travel over from China to marvel at Shitennoji, a world memorable temple, founded by then the Japanese emperor, Shotoku-Taishi.


Considering these notable facts, we tried to make the whole design suitable for the context of Abeno, known as a place where people had interacted and exchanged many ideas from all sorts of cultures for a long period of time. Thus its nature and own history is applied both in the interior and the exterior of the hotel with designs reminiscent of its landscape along the Japan’s railway line in western area and the Japanese traditional patterns which remind us of ISEGATA=SHI used for Kimono for a long time in Ise area.


Here, in Miyako Hotel, such beauty of natural essence is embraced in all aspects of fashion and attraction deeply in-rooted in the original concept for its guest rooms.




Doubletree by Hilton Putian China Open

A high rise hotel building with 2 residential towers using straight lines and curved lines in the site facing the Putian prefecture government. By using curved lines, there is a view of a beautiful park from guest rooms in the hotel building. The residential buildings have a lot of sunshine, which displays scenery of the park for the residential buildings as well.
The two semi-circular shaped towers express the softness / lightness of curved surfaces and tension of planes.
Furthermore, a circular sector shape symbolizing success (from Chinese saying) is expressed as a symbol of further development and progress for the future of Putian prefecture and it gives a rhythm around the site.
These buildings are expected to be a symbol tower of the place by lighting up at night.



Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu Soft Open August 1, 2013

Qufu is located in the southern Jinan city, the capital of Shandong province and known as the birthplace of Confucius and Confucianism.
There are a number of popular sight seeing places in Qufu city, such as the Temple of Confucius, Kong Family Mansion and the Cemetery of Confucius. Many visitors come from all over the world to see Qufu city.
Further development is expected now that the Qufu-East station has been opened as part of the high-speed rail connecting Shanghai to Beijing.
The site is approximately triangular in shape, located in the heart of Qufu city. The site is bordered by Dacheng road and Datong road to the East and West respectively as well Xiaoyi river in the North Chunqiu road to the South. Dacheng extends to the Confucius temple and Kong Family mansion to the south.
The site is near the main facilities of Qufu city. On the northern side of the site, across the Xiaoyi river, there is an outside stage with a garden to its west. The Confucius research centre and the Qufu government office is on the western side of the site.
This project is a 5star grade hotel with 480 guestrooms and a 1600m2 banquet space as the first stage of construction.



Hilton Tokyo Inherited

Hilton Tokyo that opened in June, 1963 was the hotel where the Hilton Hotel brand which Conrad Nicholson Hilton Hotel opened in Japan was the first.The design team for Hilton Tokyo was headed by Hilton Hotels International designer Emanuel Gran.

He emphasized rationality and functionality while simultaneously attempting to create a design rooted in the land and its history to present the world a “New Japan.” Japan in the modern world was Hilton design team theme.
Several luminaries of Japanese designer joined his design team.They were a case of one completion form to express the design of the traditional design in modern architecture by reading “the Japanese history and culture”.
And Hilton Tokyo of the masterpiece of the hotel design was completed.
The design of this hotel which does not exist anymore speaks after half a century without losing freshness.

We thought that the guest room renovation of Hilton Tokyo should succeed to the mind of this design.
The renovated guest room design accepting new function and service which should be expressed should have developed in a design.

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