Qingdao Red Rock Hotel

Design Concept
I would like to go with Husbandman on the Temple of Heaven, and sweep the fallen flowers with the immortals at leisure

Qingdao, on the shore of the Yellow Sea, is a city of mountains and seas.
When you look at the mountains from the sea, you will see clouds and mist; when you climb the mountains and look at the sea, you will see a vast expanse of smoky waves.
Interspersed between the mountains and the sea of clouds as the design theme, the natural elements of this decorative cool and clean space, focusing on the natural texture of the simple beauty, to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It is a symbol of Qingdao’s unique customs and culture.
Guests can experience the time when they are living between the clouds and haze, and feel as cozy as a god.


Photo:Qingdao Yingchuang Development CO.LTD