Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo Main annex guestroom renovation works

Design Concept
KASANE-IROME means “overlapping colors”. (It refers to the richly layered color combinations created by the overlapping of richly colored inner and outer robes that were worn by royalty and nobility during the Heian period in Japan.)
Inspired by the richly colored and layered Heian attire, you can enjoy the colorful layered color art space.
Using the secret color of traditional Japanese colors (cyan and white) as the base, with patterns in tulip gold (ginger) and lazurite (azure), the continuity of the circle pattern creates a connection between history and culture.
The carpet is like a tweed with intertwined colors and a stroke of
Inspired by the artwork of the obi straps in kimono, etc., the colors are rich and bright, and become the accent of the space.
The space uses a lot of bright colors, but in a harmonious way, reflecting the contemporary style of “kimono”. (The space is designed to be a contemporary take on the “kimono,” a decorative outer robe that was part of ancient women’s attire.)

The space is designed to be like an overlapping voice, weaving people’s precious happy moments into an exciting space of “overlapping colors”.


Photo:Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc.