Hilton Tokyo Inherited

Hilton Tokyo that opened in June, 1963 was the hotel where the Hilton Hotel brand which Conrad Nicholson Hilton Hotel opened in Japan was the first.The design team for Hilton Tokyo was headed by Hilton Hotels International designer Emanuel Gran.

He emphasized rationality and functionality while simultaneously attempting to create a design rooted in the land and its history to present the world a “New Japan.” Japan in the modern world was Hilton design team theme.
Several luminaries of Japanese designer joined his design team.They were a case of one completion form to express the design of the traditional design in modern architecture by reading “the Japanese history and culture”.
And Hilton Tokyo of the masterpiece of the hotel design was completed.
The design of this hotel which does not exist anymore speaks after half a century without losing freshness.

We thought that the guest room renovation of Hilton Tokyo should succeed to the mind of this design.
The renovated guest room design accepting new function and service which should be expressed should have developed in a design.