Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu Soft Open August 1, 2013

Qufu is located in the southern Jinan city, the capital of Shandong province and known as the birthplace of Confucius and Confucianism.
There are a number of popular sight seeing places in Qufu city, such as the Temple of Confucius, Kong Family Mansion and the Cemetery of Confucius. Many visitors come from all over the world to see Qufu city.
Further development is expected now that the Qufu-East station has been opened as part of the high-speed rail connecting Shanghai to Beijing.
The site is approximately triangular in shape, located in the heart of Qufu city. The site is bordered by Dacheng road and Datong road to the East and West respectively as well Xiaoyi river in the North Chunqiu road to the South. Dacheng extends to the Confucius temple and Kong Family mansion to the south.
The site is near the main facilities of Qufu city. On the northern side of the site, across the Xiaoyi river, there is an outside stage with a garden to its west. The Confucius research centre and the Qufu government office is on the western side of the site.
This project is a 5star grade hotel with 480 guestrooms and a 1600m2 banquet space as the first stage of construction.