The LIV Hospitality Design Awards Winner「The Clan」「THE WESTIN MIYAKO KYOTO SPA ' KACHO'」

Our design for “The Clan” , “THE WESTIN MIYAKO KYOTO SPA ‘KACHO’” was nominated for The LIV Hospitality Design Awards.

◼”The Clan” - Winner in Interior Design Asia

◼”The Clan” - Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Midscale & Lifestyle

◼”THE WESTIN MIYAKO KYOTO SPA ‘KACHO’ ” – Winner in Interior Design Wellness ( SPA, Yoga, Retreat)

※The LIV Hospitality Design Awards :
LIV Hospitality Design Awards is celebrating the quality and diversity of the architectural ventures and interior design projects shaping the worldwide hospitality industry today.
The jury panel composed of 41 talented and experienced professionals, prominent academics, entrepreneurs, and developers in the Hospitality, Architecture, and Interior Design fields has selected the winners from over 400 submissions from 43 countries.
The judges evaluated each project based on their own merit; rewarding the most pioneering and ground-breaking designs and selecting those standing out, based on new concepts, innovations, sustainability initiatives and property design stories!


Photo:The Clan Hotel Singapore / Forward Stroke Inc.